SellRapido management software for eCommerce and marketplaces

Comparison shopping services

Increase sales on your eCommerce.

pubblica sui comparatori

SellRapido allows quick and seamless integration with the major comparison shopping services.

The management software in cloud simplifies the selection of products' categories and rules creation to autonomously and automatically manage the campaign on the comparison shopping service.

You can decide, according to your pricing policies and marketing strategies, what are the products, descriptions and titles, to send to each comparison shopping service.

Easy and fast integration with comparison shopping services:

  • Publishing catalogs on the major price comparison services
  • Creating rules and conditions for each comparison shopping service
  • The ability to exclude or promote products
  • Easy and fast category mapping

Expand your sales to comparison shopping services

List your products on price comparison services

With Sellrapido you can list your E-Commerce's catalog feed on the major price comparison services including:,,, GoogleShopping,,, IlPiù,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Yatego

Publish on Google Shopping

Google Shopping is Google's price comparison service that over time became the landmark for product advertising. With Sellrapido you can automatically create a specific data feed to send to Google Shopping from your E-Commerce.

Product sheets and pictures

Many catalogs are missing some crucial information such as pictures and products sheets. Sellrapido daily assings these kind of information to provide complete listings for your marketplace and E-Commerce.

If you as well have a catalog with missing information that you'd like to list, contact us and we'll help you do it.

Custom listings supply

Do you need one or more catalogs tailored for your eCommerce or management software?

Contact us, we'll provide the necessary information to connect to your system .

Integration with other management software

SellRapido is open to any integration with other softwares, therefore if you already have your system and want to boost the information exchange we are available to improve your work.