Become a Dropship supplier for our customers

Being a Sellrapido supplier allows you to have enormous advantages, your catalogs will be automatically available to our retail customers.


The requirements to become a supplier are:

  1. provide a link http and / or ftp to download your catalog (it can be in any format except pdf), we will check the presence of all the fields necessary to create listings on the marketplaces that we manage now:
    Ebay, Amazon, Eprice, Cdiscount, Pixplace, Yatego, Kirivo and Ecommerce
  2. the catalog can be open or protected by user / password / token (needs to be customized with the retailer data)
  3. send your logo
  4. send a brief description of your offer, products, in order to present you in our system
  5. tell us:
    a. number of products (approximately)
    b. number of treated brands
    c. EAN availability
    d. shipping times
    e. catalog languages
    f. number of pictures for each article (approximately) (https:// address preferred)
  6. send your contact details (website, phone number, email, etc.) where to send customers to become your resellers


THE SERVICE IS FREE and you are entitled to:
a. join our list of suppliers:
b. have a personal page where you talk about your service:
c. we will ask you to refer to us when talking about how to handle your catalog


IF YOU WANT to send direct advertising to our customers (roughly 3500 between Ebay, Amazon, Eprice, Pixplace and Ecommerce) you can send a tailor-made DEM.