Vendere tramite Amazon FBA su altri marketplace con SellRapido

SellRapido FBA Automation

The exclusive feature to sell on other marketplaces through Amazon’s logistics

vendita multi canale online

Sell ​​your Amazon FBA inventory on any other marketplace too,
with our easy and automated feature!

Many professional e-commerce entrepreneurs sell products purchased in stock using Amazon logistics (FBA = Fulfillment by Amazon).

SellRapido is the only software on the market that offers you an exclusive Multi-Channel FBA Automation feature

through which you can sell your products stored in the Amazon’s logistics directly on other marketplaces (e.g. in AliExpress, CDiscount, ePrice, Fnac, Ibs, OnBuy, Kijiji, Rakuten,, etc. .) and on your e-commerce channels (e-SellRapido; Magento; Newcart; Prestashop; wooCommerce). This is a great chance to easily and automatically increase your sales and optimize your margins.

A very valuable feature for professional sellers that brings enormous benefits: sell your FBA inventory on any other marketplace, using Amazon’s Prime shipping!

vendita amazon multi channel

There are many and important advantages
using FBA’s Multi-Channel Automation.
  • Optimize the returns for
    your stock investments

    If you have purchased goods in stock, it means you had to pay upfront with your own capital the entirety of the order, you do so with a projection of an hypothetical economic return. Using the "standard" Amazon FBA system, you invest "Amazon on Amazon", meaning that your returns will be entirely coming from the orders originated on Amazon.

    With SellRapido's new Multi-Channel FBA Automation feature, instead, you’ll give an immediate boost for your sales, transforming your investment from “Amazon on Amazon” to “Amazon on several sales channels”, using the best logistics in the world to sell anywhere!

  • Exponential increase in product visibility.

    It goes from a maximum of 5 Amazon channels (Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom), to potentially 40 sales channels (considering the current SellRapido integrations). That implies 8 times the potentials sales thanks to a simple automation.

  • Real time monitoring of profit margins.

    If you sell with Amazon Prime you are likely, to "battle with competitors", manually changing your prices, or using Amazon’s auto-repricing feature, this task is probably repeated for hundreds of orders per day.

    How do you track the profits of these sales? and what if the wholesaler’s price changes? It could become an impossible task or at least extremely time-consuming ... we offer you the perfect solution!

    With SellRapido, in fact, you can easily and precisely gather metrics on your earning data and therefore automatically receive daily, weekly and / or monthly reports.

  • No management costs or manual tasks.

    Everything is managed automatically. You only have to focus on strategic activities for your business. You’ll be saving time you can devote to yourself and your family, let SellRapido take care of the rest!

Increase your selling margins with other marketplaces!
Case study: Reported profit increase by 92% with Sellrapido achieved in half the time.

Standard sales
with “Amazon FBA”

Investment of approximately € 60,000 in the following stock:

  • SSD SAMSUNG 860 PRO 256GB SATA3 2,5"
  • SSD SAMSUNG 860 PRO 512GB SATA3 2,5"

Time required to sell the whole stock: 8 weeks
Profit generated: € 7.200

Average margin: 12%

Multi-channel sales with
con “SellRapido FBA automation”

Investment of approximately € 60,000 in the following stock::

  • SSD SAMSUNG 860 PRO 256GB SATA3 2,5"
  • SSD SAMSUNG 860 PRO 512GB SATA3 2,5"

Time required to sell the whole stock: 3 weeks
Profit generated: € 13.800

Average margin: 23%

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