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Connect your management software, easily

The Management software is the core business of all activities. You will have orders, products, invoices and more, synchronized to make your work EASY and FAST

  • Integration with many management softwares
  • Availability, cargo handling, product sheets, prices, invoices, payments, all in sync with your shop and Marketplace
  • No longer needed "copy and paste" of orders, data, email, etc. integrated between all systems
  • Orders from each sales channel synchronized in a single solution
  • Virtual Warehouse management thanks to the DropShipping system
  • With Dropshipping catalogs endless catalog availability of products manageable in a few clicks
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Integration With Management Softwares and Dropshipping

With SellRapido you can manage a Drop Shipping catalog and have an infinite number of products and categories without have to keep a stock: you will sell your products in your e-Commerce or in one of the SellRapido integrated Marketplaces.

Ask information about the catalogs that we can provide

You can integrate your e-commerce and/or Marketplace with the most important management softwares available on the market.

The integration with your management software will allow you to have full control over your company processes: monitor product sheets, sales, documentation and inventory movement. No need to copy and paste data from the e-Commerce or the MarketPlace risking errors in your management software. Your time investment will change from a few minutes to zero seconds for the whole order flow.

The integration with the management software will allow you to make the best of your sales channels, synchronize availabilities and, when a product is out of stock, the closing of the sale on other sales channels.

If you use a different Management software contact us and we will estimate the time for integration

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Thanks to DropShip sell without stock

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Thanks to DropShip sell without stock

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