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Sell on Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount and all Marketplaces

Your e-Commerce on the main Marketplaces synchronizes and customizes your data sheets so you will stand out and sell more and better.

  • Sync with Amazon, eBay, Pixplace, Eprice, Cdiscount and other MarketPlaces
  • Acquisition of catalogs from many Dropshipping systems to sell in an e-Commerce without stock
  • Good synchronization between all integrated systems, so you will have everything under control
  • Synchronization of product data sheets with your eCommerce
  • Creating attractive and customized product data sheets to be the best sellers
  • Possibility to handle many graphic templates for eBay shops
  • Download and synchronization of orders, shipping and conditions with just one click
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SellRapido is an extremely easy and simple to use software, created to solve objective problems for those who have an online store.

The management of e-Commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Eprice, Pixplace, Cdiscount etc is extremely difficult: you must copy and paste the data into multiple resources (such as the label printer, the management software, the software or web portal for managing and sending shipments ...).

SellRapido is born from these needs, resolving this kind of problems in a very simple and fast way.

With SellRapido, for example, you can take a product data sheet from your e-Commerce, or create it directly in SellRapido, and publish it on the MarketPlace. On eBay you will also be able to manage a shop template and add a set of information such as pictures and links that can not be added through Market-Place panels.

You will be able to manage prices, discounts, promotions, cross-defining conditions so that those who buy products A and B will have a certain additional discount; you can do the same thing about shipments, by defining rules on cost and choice of couriers.

Once you receive an order you can manage it from the panel of your e-Commerce or from SellRapido, send it to Dymo labeler, send it to billing software, so you will be able to manage transport and sales documentation and warehouse handling, and finally send it to your courier shipments management system.

With SellRapido you will never have to write and copy data of orders in any particular system: everything will be synchronized in a simple and immediate way.

If you want learn more about these functions the best way is to download the trial version and test it.

Management Software Easy and Fast

We made a software installable on your computer that will let you work better! An installed software allows to manage a huge amount of data without slowdowns, it allows you to do research and analysis quickly without have to wait web page times.

More Marketplaces, accounts and workstations in a single system

You can manage multiple Marketplaces from the same software and configure multiple accounts for each marketplace, you can also install the program on multiple workstations and share data with your colleagues.

Many supplier catalogs for millions of products

The PreSales module will allow you to manage all catalogs of supplier products you want, whether your personal or from dropshipping suppliers, for each catalog you can set mark-ups, shipping and all sales information.

Scheduling of operations

Once you did the initial configurations you can schedule the operations to be done, it means that the software in the days and hours that you decide will be working on the marketplace, so you will have time to improve other aspects of your business.

Order Fulfilment Management

The PostSales Module will allow you to manage all your sales, the software will download sales data, create registry of order and customer, then you can set paid and shipped status and update the marketplace automatically.

Billing and Shipping

Faster order fulfillment exporting to billing and/or shipping softwares all sales data so you can immediately issue invoices, unload unsold warehouse stock and print waybills.


Through very powerful export and import systems you can independently manage lot of information that the software handles, and link the program to other management software of your business and get more benefits.

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Management Software

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