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Shipping and delivery notes

The shipment of orders and its management is a very delicate phase of the sales process and with SellRapido is easy and successful.

  • Copy and paste is no longer necessary
  • Integration with the most important international couriers
  • Submission of data to the courier management system
  • Elimination of all possible errors
  • Drastic reduction in work time related to data entry
  • Increase work quality
  • Forwarding shipping data to Dymo printers
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With SellRapido you can send your shipments data with a few clicks. You no longer have to open the management software or e-Commerce, copy the customer's name, open the shipping system, paste the data, go back to the data source, open the shipping system and paste the new data ... etc.

You can very easily and quickly send all the information related to the shipment to the carrier system.

You can send shipping addresses, package measures, packages number, additional conditions (such as cash on delivery and insurance stickers, information for the driver and more) all in a simple click. You will save on average 4-minute for the compilation of each waybill.

SellRapido integrates with major shipment management systems provided by couriers.

If you are using a different service contact we will evaluate the integration.

Then you can send the shipping data to Dymo label printer and prepare the labels for your parcels.

With SellRapido you will integrate into a single system the main sales and after sales processes: order, inventory management and shipping. Once you receive an order you have:

  • Waybill order confirmation
  • Invoice
  • Courier waybill
  • Label to place on the package

Everything in only 1 second instead of the minimum 10 minutes

SellRapido saves you Time and Money

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