Sell on the Marketplaces with Sellrapido

SellRapido is the online management platform designed to allow you to sell your products on the most important marketplaces and ecommerce. The cloud management software will allow you to operate on marketplaces and manage the entire sales cycle. From the catalogs ‘ positioning on platforms such as Amazon, eBay and eCommerce to the synchronization with the billing and forwarding managers to speed up and simplify the invoicing, unloading and printing of waybills.

Sellrapido allows to manage all your sales settings: prices, shipments, payments, quantities, templates, filters, categories directly from the platform, you will have tools designed to give you full and complete control of the configurations. With this cloud management software, for example, you can decide to set different rules for each sales channel, then applying targeted strategies based on the marketplace and the country where you will publish your products.

Once you receive an order you can best manage it from the SellRapido panel, with the available filters you can identify which orders are to be processed and send them to the Dymo labeller, to the Danea Easy Fatt management, Zucchetti Ad Hoc Revolution, LibertyCommerce for billing and warehouse discharge as well as dialogue with the software of Bartolini, Gls, Sda, Aws, Fedex, Nexive, PosteItaliane, TNT, Ups, Sgt, Eboos, DHL, to manage the printing of waybills.

With Sellrapido you will never have to rewrite and copy the order data in any system in use: everything will be synchronized in a simple and immediate way.

With Sellrapido you can:

Synchronize with Amazon, eBay and soon other Marketplaces
Acquire catalogs of many suppliers to sell the products in Dropshipping in all the sales channels managed by Sellrapido
Synchronize all the integrated systems, to have everything under control at all times
Synchronize all the integrated systems, to have everything under control at all times
Make attractive and personalized product sheets directly from Sellrapido
Download and synchronize orders, evasion and shipments with just one click

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Which marketplaces can you manage with Sellrapido?

The best platform for marketplaces

Manage marketplaces from anywhere and at any time with Sellrapido online. The professional management software that allows you to manage a large amount of data without slowing down and to do research and analysis in a fast way to optimize your sales.

You’ll be able to manage multiple Marketplaces and set up multiple accounts for each marketplace, plus you can use the cloud version from anywhere and share work with your colleagues.

Sellrapido allows you to manage all the products you want, whether they are yours or from dropshipping providers. For each catalog you can set up top ups, shipments and all sales information.

Once the initial settings have been set up, Sellrapido will perform the recursive operations independently according to the needs of your business. The platform will automatically update marketplaces to optimize the time and resources of your business.

With Sellrapido you manage all your orders, while the platform synchronizes sales data, automatically creating the order and customer details. Then you can set the paid and sent status and update the marketplace automatically.

With Sellrapido you can optimize order fulfillment. Export the sales data to a billing software and / or different couriers, in order to immediately have the invoice, warehouse unloading and waybills printing.

Through Sellrapido’s export and import systems you can independently manage the information that the platform manages, linking Sellrapido to other management softwares of your business.

Sellrapido saves all your sales data and with simple graphs will allow you to analyze your business so as to evaluate and improve your sales performance on the go, the data history will then allow you to take marketing actions towards your customers.