Sellrapido for eBay

SellRapido is a complete and powerful solution to manage your sales on eBay quickly and easily. Automates your catalogs on eBay, managing orders from the marketplace in a few clicks. Thanks to the eBay API you can manage sales directly from Sellrapido synchronizing products instantly, orders and much more..

Sellrapido allows you to manage two important phases of the sale on eBay:

Pre sales on eBay with Sellrapido

With Sellrapido you can upload one or more catalogs on eBay, maintaining full control of all processes. These are the main features:

Upload one or more catalogs on eBay, ex. Excel, CSV, TXT, XML files and similar formats that list the products. There are no limit to the number of catalogs and / or products you can upload, we have tested Sellrapido with customers who manage up to 600,000 products;

Decide for each catalog with which products to work on eBay by applying, through a simple mask, filters that allow you to decide, for instance, to manage only certain categories or certain brands, or filter by product price or quantity, therefore maintain full control over the products you intend to sell.

Full control of the catalog on eBay and automatic repricing: you can choose to sort the products to change by price, category, brand, single product, and even add the marketplace commissions in order to get a final price that you consider enough as profit margin. Furthermore, Sellrapido allows you to easily manage automatic repricing on eBay.

Full control of shipping and payment options: what is doable with prices is of course also possible for shipping and payment methods to have total control over costs. It is also possible to attribute a flat-rate shipping cost for products with a price above a certain value.

Automatic update: Sellrapido is designed to work in full autonomy, through a simple mask you can decide in which days and times the catalogs should be downloaded and checked for updates / closings / new uploads, all without moving a finger.

Post-sale on eBay with Sellrapido

Post sales with Sellrapido allows you to efficiently manage purchase orders received on eBay. One of the most critical issues experienced by those who sell eBay with the increase in sales, is the significant amount of time spent following the management of each order. Sellrapido solves this problem by guaranteeing a fast and precise evasion, eliminating the possibility of errors and limiting the need for costly human activities, in order to be able to deliver products even faster.

The post sales phase of Sellrapido allows:

Download and save locally all data related to each sale received on eBay: order and customer data;

Perform practical searches between orders and customers using different filters

Carry out massive operations on one or more selected orders, such as: set the status as “paid” or “shipped”, export sales data, print shipping labels

Send the data to the shipping carriers’ systems, so as to incredibly speed up the printing of the waybills.

Prevendita su eBay con Sellrapido

Con Sellrapido puoi caricare uno o più listini su eBay, mantenendo il pieno controllo di tutti i processi. Queste le caratteristiche principali:

Caricare uno o più listini su eBay

Decidere per ciascun listino con quali prodotti lavorare su eBay

Controllo del prezzo di vendita sulle inserzioni eBay e repricing automatico

Controllo completo delle opzioni di spedizione e pagamento:

Aggiornamento automatico

Postvendita su eBay con Sellrapido

Il Postvendita con Sellrapido ti consente di gestire in modo efficiente ed efficace gli ordini di acquisto ottenuti su eBay. Sellrapido risolve il problema del time spending delle operazioni, garantendo una veloce e precisa evasione dell’ordine di acquisto.

Scaricare e salvare in locale tutti i dati

Effettuare pratiche ricerche tra gli ordini 

Effettuare operazioni massive su uno o più ordini selezionati

Inviare i dati ai sistemi dei vettori di spedizione

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