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Marketplace category id is required

When this error occurs, you must associate marketplace categories with catalog categories.

From Settings' Categories Map tab you can view and change store/catalog categories, and assign each a marketplace category.

Associate marketplace categories with store categories
On the left side of the grid store categories are showed (up to 3 levels).

On the right side, clicking on the various buttons (...), you must set the corresponding marketplace categories choosing from the list.

(The language of the categories list varies depending on the country where you want to publish the catalog.)

To each category corresponds an Id and marketplace commissions percentage, verifiable in the box below the grid.
The marketplace commission will be applied in the product prices calculation, so you should be careful and properly set the marketplace categories.

Click OK to confirm and save the data.

To view the whole string of the associated category, move the mouse pointer on the marketplace category box.

Set categories on multiple lines

When setting marketplace categories, you can assign the same category value on multiple rows:

- using the options in the drop-down menu on the top of the window.

For example: set the same marketplace categories for all rows that have the same category 3 as the selected row.

Click Run to apply the change.

- checking multiple lines, and assigning the same marketplace category:
1) select multiple categories lines by ticking the checkboxes
2) click the (...) button
3) choose the category from the tree
4) click Ok and confirm with "Yes".

- to further speed up the process of association of store-marketplace categories, use the Automatic completion function.
With this function you can assign the same store or marketplace category to all categories not yet mapped, using those already mapped.

Choose the parameter to be used for assignments and what to assign.

Click Ok to apply the change.

Categories Map Download

For default lists the categories are already mapped, and data can be downloaded from our server every time you import the catalog .
You can download the category map using the button listing settings categoriesDownload Map.

You can export the categories map in various formats using the function listing settings categories Export, and import in SellRapido a map (saved on your computer) with the function listing settings categories Import.

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