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You reached the maximum limit of 300 eBay store categories

Since eBay limits the number of store categories that you can publish to 300, it is unwise to publish all of the catalog categories to the last level.

Move to Settings->Categories Map and set how many levels of store categories you want to publish on Ebay.

Set only 1 level to publish lots of products in various categories.

If you reach the limit of store categories number, when trying to publish products an error will appear.

Then you have to "empty" the categories archive directly on eBay.

The proper procedure is as follows:
- on "My Ebay" empty all store categories ("Account"->"Manage my Shop"-> on the left side of the page click the link "Shop Categories", on this page select all categories and delete them);

This step may take a long time, so you have to wait for a confirmation!

- on SellRapido-> Settings-> Categories Map, set only 1 level of categories ("Level of store categories published");

- open the Categories Map Management, and click the "Have you deleted YOUR SHOP Categories...." button;

- in Settings, Fields Publication tab, select Shop categories field, so that field will be updated;

- launch an update of all the already published listings, so that they will move in the correct store category (Set as-> TO UPDATE-> The whole catalog).

If the catalog you want to publish has many first-level categories, we recommend to group the categories using "Your category 1"/2/3 fields.

This is possible by entering (typing) more generic category names, for example "Informatics", grouping more catalog's first level categories that belong to that type of goods.

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