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Edit the layout of eBay listings

In the Template tab of SellRapido Settings, you can set a layout for your listings, containing all products informations.

listing settings template 1

Enter the template you want to use in the box.
HTML is supported.

These are the tags you need to use for products informations, which must ALWAYS be delimited by the characters [# #]:

[#title#] title
[#description#] description
[#price#] price
[#price_shipping#] shipping price
[#quantity#] quantity
[#sku#] SKU code
[#vat_perc#] VAT percentage
[#ean#] EAN code
[#mpn#] manufacturer code (MPN)
[#brand#] brand
[#url_image1#] - [#url_image9#] image url (1 to 9)
[#extra1#] - [#extra9#] extra fields (1 to 9)
[#delivery_days#] delivery days
[#label_input#] custom label

The procedure will replace to each tag the relevant value.

In the application standards Templates are available. To use one of these templates, select it from the drop down menu and choose -> Load selected template.

listing settings template 2

Instead to import a file (HTML or text), saved on your computer, use the button Load from file; select the file from the folder where you saved it and then click Open.

listing settings template 3

How to change the template on listings already published on eBay

To update products already published on eBay, so that the custom template will replace the standard one, follow this steps:

- in Field Publication tab, tick Description and that field will be updated. Click Ok to confirm;

listing settings fields publication 1

- in Pre-Sales grid, click from the menu below Set as/Set as TO UPDATE/The whole catalog.
Leave checked the option Run immediately to immediately queue the updates.

update fields

All products of the catalog will be put in To Update status and Queued.

In the next task execution, changes will applied.

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