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amazon: ASIN Assignement

To correct the duplicated ASIN error, which could occur by publishing catalogs on Amazon, you must associate the correct ASIN, following the steps below.

This system will let you publish more products on Amazon!

After trying to publish the product, click on the Error field to view the details.

This is the error that will appear in case of duplicate ASIN:
Error 5500: The identifier (...) entered corresponds to different Amazon products. Please choose the most relevant ASIN and place it in the appropriate field. The corresponding Amazon ASIN are: (...).

Clicking on the displayed codes, the web pages of the associated products will be opened, in order to identify the correct one and associate its ASIN in SellRapido. This code must be entered in the product details:
- in the ASIN field (display the column in the grid, and paste the code in the field);

- with a double-click on the product line the details page will open. Enter the ASIN code in the field and click OK to confirm.

Try again to publish the product, and check if the same error do not occur again, and that the product is correctly published.

Please note: to filter all catalog products with multiple match, select the products with multiple match in the Error message drop-down menu (that you can find in the upper part of Pre-Sales window, next to the filters), and click Search to apply the filter and display only records with that error.
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