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To work on Amazon with SellRapido you have to register a Professional account. In the absence of this requirement, or if this requirement is lost, SellRapido cannot update your Amazon inventory.
To upgrade your Amazon account to Professional login into your Amazon account, then click on the menu Settings - Account Info (else click on this link and in Your Services click on Manage / Upgrade button, then follow the instructions.

To connect your Amazon accounts to SellRapido, open the Settings tab and then click on the "Marketplace Credentials" button.

Choose "Amazon".

Enter your Amazon account information (E-mail, password and account country) to enable us to request the credentials.
Otherwise, if you already have the credentials or to request them independently, read this help on "Obtain Amazon login credentials" (below).

Select from the drop down menu the services you want to activate for that credential (Pre-Sales, Post-Sales, or both).

How to obtain Amazon login credentials

Click on the link and login into your account using E-mail and password.

Choose the first option "I want to access my own Amazon seller account with MWS".

Check the box "I have read and accepted the Amazon MWS License Agreement." and click on "Next" button.

Then copy and paste the following information in the respective fields on SellRapido:

Merchant ID
AWS Access Key ID
Secret key

SellRapido will verify the information entered and confirm the validity of credentials.
Click on the button Ok to complete the connection with your Amazon account.


To manage Amazon Post Sales in different countries(es. Amazon DE, Amazon UK, etc.) you need to register a credential for each nation.

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