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amazon: Fee Report

In Catalog Settings -> Other you can find the "Upload and check AMAZON fees" button, this allows you to upload the Amazon fees report file, and generate a CSV report to detect inconsistencies with the fees set in SellRapido.

To request this report:
- login into your Amazon Seller Central account;
- Inventory -> Inventory Reports;
- from the drop-down menu choose Referral Fee Preview Report;
- click on the Request Report button, then wait for the file to be generated.

The Categories Map allows SellRapido to calculate the fees to add to the price, but the actual charges applied by Amazon may differ, because of how the product is encoded in Amazon archives. Such encoding is NOT decided by SellRapido.

To check the fees you can import this report.

The report shows the fees set in SellRapido and the one actually applied by Amazon.

For Amazon, fees and refunds download takes place after the order download.
Fees and refunds Information are in fact extracted from payment reports that are available after about 15 days from the order date, and only for orders not older than 90 days.
These reports are automatically downloaded in SellRapido only if the option "Download additional order data" is active..
The order product details shows the total refund, calculated on available reports, while the date refers to the first refund registered for that product.

amazon fee report 2

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