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Software Automatic Update

SellRapido's Updates are completely Automatic.


You should always update the software in order to apply changes and get the new available features

If an update is available, the application will launch the following message: select "Yes" to start the download and installation.

Some antivirus and firewalls could detect a suspicious activity, and return alert messages asking whether or not you want to download the update. you need to allow this operation, otherwise the procedure will end without success.

In the Software Update window, where you can also read the release details, you can check the progress of the download and installation.

Upon completion of these operations, you will see an update confirmation message.

The program will be launched, showing the software update notes screen. Click "Close" to start working with the software.

The software version can be checked on the window bar.

Update Error

If errors occur during download/installation you can update the software manually, following these steps:

- copy the update file link, located in Software Update window;

- close the window ("Close" button);
- paste the link on your browser and download the file on your PC;

- run the file (.exe) downloaded: you will be prompted to save the data in a folder; choose the folder where the program client is installed and click "Extract";

- confirm the replacement of files in the destination folder.

This way the software has been updated.

Problems After Update

If after making a SellRapido update, clicking the program icon an Installation is required, follow these steps:
1) open SellRapido folder (eg. "C:/Program Files/SellRapido/"), past a shortcut on the desktop of the AIGClient.exe file;
2) right click on the new icon -> Properties -> in the "Target" field append, after ", a space followed by
so that the path appears like
"C:/Program Files (x86)/SellRapido/AIGClient.exe" default_db=SqlServer
3) click "Ok";
4) start SellRapido using the newly created shortcut.

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