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Catalogs Automatisms

To view the settings that control actions to be carried out at each import, and choose when to perform them, select the catalog and click the Settings button.

From the Settings Panel, choose Automatisms.

When you import a new catalog, automatisms will not be set. If you want to set up automatic updates, at different times of your choice, check the actions to be performed automatically, days and hours of the updates. You can set up to eight executions.

In the example, an import will start at 8, 10, 12, 14 o'clock, every day from Monday to Sunday, and once the import will end, also product information will be updated, products no longer available will be closed, and new products will be published.

The Only prices/Qtyflag is active only for the first import, during which the system will detect products as TO UPDATE only if price or quantity are changed (it will not check other fields); this way the processing will be faster.

You can also find a function that import every X hours starting from a certain hour.
Click Ok to confirm.


Automatisms come into operation only if SellRapido is open.

Specific automatisms for marketplace

In catalog settings' Automatisms tab you can decide to use specific automatisms for the chosen marketplace.

Check the boxes of operations whose automatisms will overwrite the ones set in the catalog "Automatisms" profile.

Automatisms Planner

To access the Catalogs' Automatisms Planner window, open the Catalogs Management tab, using the More Functions >> / Catalogs menu.

Then click the Planner button.

In the window that will open you find all the automatisms set for each catalog added to the system.:

  • times can be typed directly in cells, using hh:mm or hh:mm format
  • the acronym PQ means that this scheduled updates will be applied only to prices and quantities
  • clicking on the days cells the Automatisms window will open

It's recommended that no execution overlap any other one within five minutes, then the overlapping executions are indicated with the same background color for an easy identification and correction.

Example: as showed in the picture, Exec. 3 of Catalog 3 and Exec. 3 of Catalog 4 overlap, since both are set at 19:00. In this case you have to position on one of the two cells, colored in green, and change the hour.

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