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Marketplace Inventory Alignment

The Inventory Alignment function allows you to upload the marketplace inventory file, in order to align SellRapido active listings to those already publishede on the marketplace.

The functionality can be activated in Catalog Settings -> Other tab.


this procedure:
- must be used with automatisms and import procedures DISABLED
- MUST NOT be used if you publish listings manually, or with systems different from SellRapido
- MUST NOT must never be used if you manage more catalogs with the same SKU prefix

The procedure is different for each marketplace:


- click the Download inventory report button;
- the procedure can take several minutes (during which it is not necessary to remain in the settings mask);
- once downloaded, you will receive an email notification and the file will open on your PC;
- click then Upload from eBay exchange file, checking both options "Update existing codes..." and "Close listings...".


- download the inventory report from the SellerCentral;
- import it by clicking the Upload from AMAZON inventory file button, ticking the option "Close listings...".


- request PixPlace the references file;
- click then the Upload PixPlace references file button.


- click the Align ePrice Inventory button, ticking the option "Close listings...".


- click the Align CDiscount Inventory button, ticking the option "Close listings...".

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