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Multi Station Setup


If you plan to use SellRapido on more workstations to work with the same accounts on the same data, you need to install the Enterprise version on the Data Server station, and the Standard version on each station that you want to connect to the Data Server.

If you already installed a "Standard" version on the station that you want to use as Data Server, you must uninstall it using the appropriate option in the Windows Control Panel.

Download the "Enterprise" version at this link
and install it on the Server Data station.

Download the "Standard" version at this link
and install it on the other stations.


if you want to use SellRapido on one PC, install the Enterprise version and NOT the Standard version.

Retrieve the IP address of the Enterprise station.
To obtain the IP address:
- menu Start -> Run..., then type cmd and press ENTER, then in Windows command prompt type ipconfig and press ENTER;

- alternatively in SellRapido click the button "About".

On each Standard workstation open the Settings - Other settings tab and enter in database path the IP address of the workstation on which you have installed the Enterprise version (eg:, see image below), then test the connection by clicking Connection test button.

It's important that the specified IP address does not change over time, and that the Data Server station is working each time you use the software on the connected standard workstations.

At this point, restarting SellRapido, the connection to the server station will be established, and the IP address of each station will be displayed in the "About" window.

On each "Standard" station we recommend to inhibit the Orders download and Update order status automatic tasks.
To do this, open the Settings - Post Sales - Other tab and tick the options
Suspend automatic orders download
Download additional order data

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