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Single Station Setup


Once the setup has been downloaded, some antivirus may report it as "suspicious" or try to run it inside the Sandbox. This can happen because it is a new application, still not widespread: the application does not contain viruses and can be scanned via the online service VirusTotal.


If you plan to use SellRapido on more workstations to work with the same accounts on the same data, you need to install the Enterprise version on the Data Server station, and the Standard version on each station that you want to connect to the Data Server (for more information, consult the Multi Station Setup guide).

In all other cases you need to install the Enterprise version

The SellRapido installation is fully automatic, easy and fast.
This guide explains the various stages of the software setup.

Launching the setup
Double-click on the file setup Setup.exe downloaded, to start the installation.
You are asked to read and agree to the Microsoft "Contracts" on the use of components integrated in SellRapido.
Click Accept or Install on each screen to confirm the installation of the pre-requisite.

Pre-requisites downloads
SellRapido needs some additional components that will be downloaded during installation.
Wait for the required files download.

Pre-requisites installation
Wait until the installation of all pre-requisites.

Program Setup

Accept the License Agreement choosing I Agree, then click Next to proceed.

Choose whether to install SellRapido for All users or just for the Current User, then click Next to proceed.

Confirm the installation by clicking on Next

then wait for the installation to complete.

Repeat the process on all Standard workstations which you want to connect to the Data Server.

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