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Task Monitor

In the "Monitor" panel you can control the main activities that SellRapido run in background. Especially interaction with the Marketplace activities (orders download and catalogs publication)

The task monitor shows a list of current, recently completed, and upcoming operations. Periodic processings have a countdown, that you can find in "Next execution" column, that estimates the time required before the next processing.

If you did not change settings ("Settings"/"Post-Sales"/"Other") the software automatically downloads sale orders from configured Marketplace at startup.

"Update order status" task updates the payment and shipment status of sales orders.
"Download additional order data" task instead downloads feedbacks and eBay categories.
Both tasks can be disabled in the automatic orders download settings.

You can filter tasks using the bar at the top of the window:
- show only Pre-Sales tasks
- show only Post-Sales tasks
- search for Tasks by Name (type the name in the box).

If allowed, using the control buttons you can abort a selected task (abort Abort button), or pause and resume it. Remove completed tasks button will remove from the task monitor procedures that are in completed status.

Activity Log
The Activity Log, that you can open using the appropriate button, allows you to view the history of the activities performed by the program.
If errors occur during the execution of one or more tasks, the button will show a message in red.

From the activity log you can also access to logs.


to enable error log on file you must first enable the option that is found in:
- General Settings -> Other settings
- check the Enable log on file box
This setting is recommended only to those who want to run error analysis.

task monitor 6

In Activity Log, clicking on the "..." buttons in the "Log" column, a text file will be opened, showing the history of operations performed for that specific activity and any errors that occurred.

log file
task monitor 3

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