Online post sales management software: simplify and speed up the order processing for any sales channel

The post-sale management is the heart of an online store. With Sellrapido online you can manage Marketplaces and eCommerce, automate shipments and warehouse management and simplify the billing phase.

Sellrapido integrates your e-Commerce and / or Marketplaces with the most important management softwars available on the market, such as Danea Easy Fatt or Zucchetti and Infity Zuchetti or Adhoc revolutions or LibertyCommerce.

This integration with the post sale management softwares will allow you to improve the order fulfillment phase, exporting all your sales data to other programs quickly and automatically. The system communicates with the Marketplace / eCommerce and when you set up paid, sent, or set the tracking code, you will automatically update the sales channel, so that the seller metrics are perfect.

With SellRapido you can also print the order summary, the shipments labels on sheet or Dymo printer.

The system will allow you to dialogue with the software of the most important couriers. You can choose between: Bartolini, Gls, Sda, Aws, Fedex, Nexive, PosteItaliane, TNT, Ups, Sgt, Eboos, DHL, This way, the waybill printing will be quick and easy. You will no longer need to copy data from your e-Commerce or marketplaces and paste them, risking errors in your management system. Your time investment will go from a few minutes to seconds for the entire order flow.

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The advantages of the Sellrapido management software:

Integration with many management software such as Danea, Easy Fatt, Zucchetti ad hoc revolution, LibertyCommerce
No more “copy and paste” of orders, data, mail, etc. due to the software integration between all systems

Infinite catalog availability that can be managed in a few clicks via Drop Shipping
Orders of each sales channel synchronized in a single solution
Direct dialogue with couriers softwares such as Bartolini, Gls, Sda, Aws, Fedex, Nexive, PosteItaliane, TNT, Ups, Sgt, Eboos, DHL,

With Sellrapido, manage your online store in just a few minutes