Online Help - Amazon: Management of Lowest Price/Repricing

Amazon: Management of Lowest Price/Repricing

Amazon: Management of Lowest Price/Repricing

The Lowest Price/Repricing feature allows you to lower the price of a product below the best current price. The calculation of the lowest price is only enabled for Amazon.
To enable it, use the Lowest Price Settings button.

Check the Use Lowest Price checkbox.

Lowest Price Settings
The repricing is done by combining 3 parameters:

Percentage Step: margin , can be 0

Fixed Descending Step: amount to subtract (typically it will be a few cents or 0)

Minimal Accepted % Markup: percentage of your margin, calculated on the normal (non-discounted) price, below which the margin of the best price must not go. Example: if this value is 50%, and without considering the best price I have a margin of 10, then your margin with the best price (including commissions) must not go below 5. We suggest making some simulations to check how the calculation is made and what the selling price will be.

How the repricing system works
Publication using the repricing settings (lowest price) takes place as follows
1. the first time the offer is created the system uses the normal settings for calculating the price, therefore without repricing; for this reason it is important to always specify the default markups
2. after a few minutes from publication, normally 10 or 20 minutes depending on the number of offers, the system downloads the best price and if the calculated price is greater than the best price then apply repricing to publish at the lowest price
3. at the next unloading of the best price, which takes place within 1 hour from the last publication, the system checks whether the published price is equal to the best price and in the case attempts to go up again with respect to the second best price. In other words, it takes the second best price as a reference price and applies repricing rules to it With this system

Sellrapido is able to position itself just below the lowest price of the competition