Online Help - eBay - Your listing has been removed: Duplicate Listings

eBay - Your listing has been removed: Duplicate Listings

Your listing has been removed: Duplicate Listings

eBay does not allow to publish the same product in different categories or on two different user account.

eBay rules about duplicates are detailed in this page:

The criterion by which eBay considers two different listings (so NOT duplicate) may leave room for different interpretations: you can speak generically of "essential differences" in title, price, picture, description without clarifying whether these differences have all to be present or only partially.

It is also not clear what is meant by "essential difference". Theoretically, you can sell the same item by changing the conditions (new and used).
Receive duplicate listings notifications can cause, over time, the account suspension, especially if notices are for the same products.

Does not matter if it is 1 listing on 100.000, or 1 on 10, it is sufficient that the reporting occur again.

So we recommend to:

DO NOT publish the same products on separate eBay accounts unless you had specific guarantees from eBay

always place the SKU before the product title.

This DO NOT automatically prevents duplications of the same products from different catalogs, but significantly reduces the likelihood that the listings are considered duplicate In case of duplicate reporting, proceed as follows:

1) close all the statements on Ebay follow this guide to close all listings:

IMPORTANT: before starting the closure check that you have disabled the relevance option. This option is located in Settings-> General "Instead of closing Insertions force quantity to 0"

2) check that no active listings have been left, in the case close them "by hand" in the summary of the current listings directly on "My eBay"

3) in Settings-> Title set the title this way #SKU# #RequestId# #Title# The product title will be preceded by a SKU code and a publication code; these data make it possible to publish "unique" titles and not cause duplicates.

On this page, instructions for managing the settings for publishing the title on eBay.

4) it is then possible to republish the entire price list