eBay Error: You have reached your limit of store categories. – You have reached your limit of 300 store categories.

Since eBay limits the number of shop categories that can be published at 300, we do not recommend to set all the categories of the catalog up to the last level.

If just 1 level is set it will be easier to publish many products in various categories.

If the categories limit is reached, an error will appear when trying to load products.

It is therefore necessary to “empty” the category archive directly from eBay.

The correct procedure to do so is as follows:

– on “My Ebay” empty all the shop categories (“Account” -> “Manage my Shop” -> on the left side of the page, click on the link “Store Categories”, in this page select all the categories and delete them);

This step may take a long time, so you have to wait for the confirmation message!

– in SellRapido-> Settings-> Categories, set First Level (“Shop categories“), confirm the settings with Confirm.

If the catalog you want to publish has many categories, we recommend you group them up in “macro categories”  using the “Store Category 1” / 2/3 fields.

This is possible by typing the most generic categories, such as “Clothes”, grouping up all those products that belong to the same type of goods.