How to quickly close all listings on a marketplace

To quickly close all catalog’s listings, use the Exclusion Filters.


Before launching the closure on eBay, verify that you have disabled the option Keep Relevance (this option sends products (out of stock) with zero quantity to the marketplace instead of closing the listings). The option is found in Settings-> General

  1. Go to Products, in the Pre Sales menu

2. Open the Choose catalog menu and select the catalog you wish to edit.

3. Then click on Settings and then the button 

4. The Catalog’s Settings panel will open

5. Go to the Filters tab

6. In the Exclusions tab, use the  Exclude Everything button: a filter will automatically be added to exclude the entire catalog.

Click Confirm to save the settings.

All listings on the reference marketplace / credential will be immediately closed.

to close offers of a catalog on a marketplace, the publication must NOT be disabled (the status must be ACTIVE )


How to remove a catalog from Sellrapido Online

After closing all offers from a catalog, you can delete it from the software.

1. Open the Choose catalog menu and select the catalog you wish to delete

2. Then click on Settings

3. In the Catalog Publishing Channels window, delete all channels with the  Delete key

4. then use the Delete Catalog button and confirm to cancel the catalog.