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Post Sales – Custom Export

Custom Export

Orders Export Profiles To customize the export template and create a custom data export file: 1) select the orders to be included in the file in the Post Sales panel and use the Export -> Custom function

2) Go to Settings and then Post Sales-> Order Export Profile section

The Export Profiles window allows you to choose the columns (fields) showed in the export file.

It is possible to define the length of the field (Length column): in case the text contained in the field is too long it will be cut; otherwise, the remaining space will be occupied by a padding character (which can be set in the Padding char. column). This feature is important for fixed width paths. The fill character can be entered to the left or right of the field value (select the direction in the Padding Align column). In the Default value field you can set the value that will be exported if the field is empty or equal to zero (for numeric fields). The columns order matches with the order set in the data source grid. If you want to include additional columns or change the export order, you must work on the data source grid. The fields available are those in the drop-down menu contained by the fields in the grid. - to add a field use the + Add Field button - to remove a field use the x Delete Field button   Before exporting, you can also define the following parameters: - whether to export the column headers (check the Export headers option). - Field delimiter, hence the character that will separate one field from the other (by default it is set ","); - Row delimiter, hence the character that will separate one line from the other (carriage return, new line, etc.); - Text qualifier; - Date format; - export File name, path to the folder where the file will be saved and name (if you do not enter the complete path, the file will be saved in a subfolder of the program); - it is also possible to set the Charset of the file (UTF-8 by default).

The Restore to Default button restores the factory settings, erasing any customization to the path.
Save an Export profile Once you have modified the export template at will, you can save it to use it again. In the drop-down menu choose New Export Profile and click on the Save button. Then enter a name to be assigned to the profile.

To load the profile later, select it from the drop-down menu. To delete it, click Delete Profile instead.
Export The export can be performed by selecting the orders to be exported and using the menu Export -> Custom function in the Post Sales window, all the selected orders will be exported.

Select the profile and use the Export button to start the process.

All selected orders are exported. Once exported, the file will be downloaded to the PC.