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Post Sales- Export Orders To Couriers

Export Orders To Couriers

Adding Couriers To add couriers to the list, go to Settings and then Post Sales-> Couriers section.

In this window choose the courier to add by clicking on the logo. Choose Custom if the courier is not present.

A window will open where enter the courier’s credentials. It is possible to define multiple profiles for the same courier, it is important to assign different names to distinguish them in the export menu. Not all the data are mandatory and their use may depend on the type of contract stipulated with the courier, which should be.

In the definition grid (Export tab) you can define the fields to be exported. The Restore to Default button restores the factory settings, canceling any customization.

Each courier can have specific parameters, but in general the following are the same for everyone: Export File name: file name that will be used to save the data to be exported. If not specified, the system will ask you to select a name for the first export made Export Headers: Indicates whether to export field names at the beginning of a file Field delimiter: character used to separate the exported fields of each order Row delimiter: character used to separate the various lines of the file Text Qualifier: normally they are double quotes Date format   The fields available are in the drop-down menu that opens clicking the fields in the grid. - to add a field use the + Add Field button - to remove a field use the x Delete Field button

Each field that can be exported is composed of the following as follows: - Column header - Length of the field - Default value - Character and filling direction Press Save to save the changes.
Export The export can be done by selecting the courier from the Export -> Couriers menu in the post sales window, all ticked sales will be exported.

A confirmation window will open showing the number of orders that will be exported. Confirm with Yes. All selected orders will be exported. Once exported, the file will be downloaded to the PC.