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Post Sales: Orders Status

Orders Status

In Post Sales, the order status both for payment and shipping can be managed. The status appears in the Status column (standbyacceptedshippedcanceled) By updating the order status on SellRapido, it will be automatically sent to the Marketplace. To manually change the status of an order, select it from the order grid and use the Status-> Set menu, selecting the desired status.

Alternatively, double-click on the record to enter the Order Detail, and change the status, then confirm with Ok.


By entering an order tracking code, it will automatically be set as "Sent"

Filter the Orders Orders can be filtered according to various parameters: 1) Status Shuffle between the tabs Standby Accepted Shipped Cancelled Under the voice All, every order will be listed.

2) Markeplace orders from one or more marketplaces will be filtered

3) choose a Tag 4) choose an Account among those added in the Settings

In the Active Filters, all the filters that have been applied are shown (in the example, orders in the Accepted state are filtered).

Selection Using the Select function, you can: - select all the orders in the grid (All button); - remove the selection (None button); - reverse the selection made: the selected orders will be deselected, and vice versa (Invert key).