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Post Sales - Tracking Code Management

Tracking Code Management

In SellRapido's Post Sales service it’s possible to manage your orders’ shipping data. With a double click on the order line, the detail window will open. In the Shipping tab, simply select the courier for the shipping (Courier field) and enter the code assigned to the shipment in the Tracking code field. It is also possible to indicate the Box Type and the Courier's contacts.

By entering the data and confirming with OK, the order is automatically set as Shipped.
Adding Couriers To add the used couriers at the list, go to Settings and from there enter the Post Sales-> Couriers section.

In this window choose the courier to add by clicking on the logo. Choose Custom if the courier is not present.

The window will open where to enter the courier’s data. The required field to add a courier (and change the orders’ status) is the Name.

Click Ok to save. Once listed, the courier will appear in the drop-down menu within the order.

Tracking URL The tracking URL, if valorized, allows you to track the shipment directly from the SellRapido Post Sales screen. To set the URL to be associated with the courier tracking: - go to Settings and enter the Post Sales-> Couriers section. - choose the courier, and add the Tracking URL cell

For example for DHL it is: where is replaced by the shipping number of the current order. The Tracking Link cell in the Post Sales data grid will become "clickable", and by clicking on  it will open the courier webpage for the package associated with that tracking number.

Import tracking codes from file It’s possible to upload a text file with the tracking codes to be included in the orders. The import file must consist of two columns: - order ID assigned by Sellrapido (NOT the marketplace order code) - tracking code Example: 4656635452; AB00564 /immagini_guida/rakuten.png 3/immagini_guida/pre-vendita-37.png 5; FT00067 6667574835; 00TY678 Select the orders to set the tracking, then use the menu Status -> Import Tracking Codes

Select the courier from the drop-down menu, then upload the file saved on your PC using . Check Mark as Sent to automatically change the order status.