Online Help - Pre Sales: How to Add a Custom Catalog

Pre Sales: How to Add a Custom Catalog

How to Add a Custom Catalog

NB: To import a catalog and start publishing products, your marketplace account must be linked. For more information on how to link your marketplace accounts, see the guide lines.To add a catalog, to be published on the marketplaces, go to Products, in the Pre Sales menu.

Click on Choose origin Catalog and Add Catalog.

Choose Custom Feed to add your own catalog

Select Custom to add a custom catalog. Click Next

Set the file parameters: - Catalog's data source: type the address (including "http: //") in the URL field. Also enter login credentials (user name and password), if necessary. - Field Delimiter (ex.pipe |, semicolon;) - Decimal Separator (comma, or point.) - Thousands Separators (if any) - Text Qualifier (if any) - Charsetr Encoding (UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, etc.) - Row Delimiter (CR + LR or LR) - If the first line of the catalog contains field headers, skip the first line by entering 1 in Skip Rows.   Click Next

You will be asked to define a Field mapping. Select the fields to associate in the Destination records, choosing them from the drop-down menu.   In this window you can also schedule date and time to perform catalog’s updates. Enter values in Time Frequency and Start Time fields. In the example, an update is scheduled every hour starting at 5:00 AM.   Click Next to confirm.

Set a Name and Description for the catalog. Also select Currency and Language.

Click Save to complete the wizard and add the catalog. The products will be immediately displayed in the Pre-Sale form.
Link a marketplace to a Catalog

NB: To link the catalog to a marketplace, you must have connected your marketplace account. For more information on how to link marketplace accounts, see the guide lines.

Go to Products panel, in the Pre Sales menu.

Open the Choose catalog menu and select the catalog to link to a marketplace. Then click on the Settings button.

Press Add to add a marketplace/sales channel.

Then select: - Marketplace (eBay, Amazon, etc.) - Credentials - Sales channel (country of the marketplace on which to publish the price list)

The catalog will be added to the sales channel. However, it will not be active until the sales settings are defined.