How to add and configure a supplier catalog and send it to marketplaces

NB: To import a catalog and start publishing products, you must have linked your marketplace account. For more information on how to do so, see the guide lines.

To add and publish a catalog of a supplier, on the marketplaces, go to the Products panel, in the Pre Sales menu.

Open the Choose Catalog menu and choose Add catalog.

Choose Supplier Catalog to start the Wizard.

Select the catalog of the supplier to be added from the list.

If the catalog you want to manage is not available, you can request it by sending an email (to, in order to allow us to process it and make it avaible in the list.

Enter Username and Password received from the Supplier.

Set a Name and Description for the catalog.

Also select Currency and Language.

Click Save to  add the catalog.

The products will be displayed  immediately in the Pre Sale page.

Link a marketplace to a price catalog

NB: To link the catalog to a marketplace, you must have connected your marketplace account. For more information on how to link a marketplace account, see the guide lines.

Go to the Products panel, using the Pre Sales menu.

Click on the “Choose catalog” menu and select the one you want to link to a marketplace.

Then click on the Settings button.

Press Add to add a marketplace/sales channel.


– Marketplace (eBay, Amazon, etc.)

– credentials

– sales channel (country of the marketplace on which to publish the catalog)

The catalog will be added on sale channel you chose.

However, the catalog will not be active until proper settings are defined.