How setup your catalog and send it to the marketplace

Link a marketplace to a price catalog

NB: To link the catalog to a marketplace, you must have connected your marketplace account. For more information on how to link a marketplace account, see the guide lines.

Open the Products panel, go to Pre Sales and then Products.

Click on the “Choose catalog” menu and select the one you want to link to a marketplace.

Then click on the Settings button.

Press Add to add a marketplace/sales channel.


– Marketplace (eBay, Amazon, etc.)

– credentials

– sales channel (country of the marketplace on which to publish the catalog)

The catalog will be added on sale channel you chose.
However, the catalog will not be active until proper settings are defined.


Before publishing the catalog on the marketplaces, it’s important to manage the settings, such as prices, shipping, payment methods, etc., and inlcude Filters to publish the products.


These settings are to be managed for each configured marketplace and catalog.
When they are not editable, it means that they can not be managed for that specific marketplace.

To open the settings panel, from the main Pre Sales window, click the Settings button at the top.

Open the Choose catalog menu and select the catalog you want to work with.

Then click on  Settings button.

A window will open with several tabs to be managed.

Inclusion Filter


Nothing will be published on the marketplace until the filters tab is empty, we suggest including few products in the filters as a test.

The Filters tab in Settings is used to decide what to publish on the marketplaces by adding Inclusions or Exclusion filters based on various parameters such as:

Shop category

 Brand name

 SKU code

 EAN code

 Price range

 Min / Max Qty

 Weight range

The products in the catalog that match the Inclusion Rules will be published.

The products in the catalog that match the Exclusion Rules will NOT be published.


To create a new rule, use the Add button.

Choose the categories (select them from the drop-down menu), the range of prices  weight of products,  even a particular SKU code or a brand to include/exclude.

– In the example below, for catalog “Test” on eBay, ONLY the Lego-Classic category will be published. The rest of the catalog will NOT be published.

To immediately view how many products will be loaded, at the bottom right of the Settings window, tick “Simulate Counter Insertions” and click the Confirm button.
A window will open showing how many products will be uploaded on the marketplace, 82 in this case.

Price Simulation

To check the final prices of the products that will be loaded on the marketplace (once connected and activated the price list on a marketplace) do as shown:

Open the Choose catalog menu and select the catalog.

Enter the product details (double click on the product line).

Go to the Marketplace tab, select the marketplace on which to simulate the price and click the Price Simulation button.

A window will open showing the calculations made, the final price of the product and other useful information.

To consult a report of listings

– enter the Dashboard

– at the bottom left corner, click the value in the N° of Insertions box

– open the various levels: Credential▸Shop▸Catalog

Here the situation of the account is shown, through the various counters.

Errors can also be checked by:

– clicking the link in the red paragraph “N° of Errors

– a list of errors will be opened. click a message (Description field) to open and display it.