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Pre Sales - Listing Report

Listing Report

You can open the Listing Report screen in 3 ways: 1) Pre Sales menu -> Insertion Reports

2) enter the Dashboard

- At the bottom left corner, click the value shown in the N° of Insertions box

select the marketplace and/or the catalogs to be consulted in the report (in our case the Listing 1 on Amazon report will be opened )

If marketplaces / catalogs have been selected, use the Filtered Report button. Instead, use Select All to open a complete report Note: the complete report processing (on all marketplaces and catalogs) may take several minutes   3) in the event that operations are in progress on the catalogs, the Insertion Elaboration Running icon will appear at the top of the page. By clicking on this icon, the listing report will be opened.

The report shows the quantity of products in the various states N° of Insertions insertions published and active N° of Insert ads ready to be uploaded to the marketplace N° of Update listings to update (price, quantity or other data have changed) N° of Close/Delete listings to close (the product is out of stock, or has been excluded from publication) N° of Errors an error occurred in updating the status

to consult the loading, updating and product closure states, open the various levels: Credential▸Shop▸Catalog

clicking on the links will open the list of products in that status

Errors Report

To check and correct errors that may occur when uploading a catalog: - access the Listing Report - go to Catalog: Credential▸Shop▸Catalog

– Click the link in the red paragraph N° of Errors

- A list of errors will be opened. Click on the error message (Description field) to open it and display it.

FATAL errors If errors occur in the updates, they are re-launched at the next import. If the error is of the FATAL type ("Severity" column) it is necessary to force the update instead: in the insertion report select the products with the error and use the "Resend Selected Insertions" button

Sending reports by e-mail This feature allows you to receive by e-mail a summary of the number of advertisements published on the various marketplaces and the relative errors. Promptly intervening on errors is essential to improve your performance as a seller and avoid problems of various kinds with marketplaces To activate it enter the Settings and from here enter the Pre Sale -> Other section.

After activating the function, save with the  Save Settings button.