Manual Data Entry

To add catalog with hand picked products, go to the Products panel, in the Pre Sales menu.

Click on Choose origin Catalog and Add Catalog.

Choose Manual Data Entry to start the Wizard and add the catalog.

Click Forward.

Set a Name and Description for the Catalog.

Select, also, a Currency and Language.

Click Save to complete process and add the catalog.

Product placement

Open the Select Catalog menu and select the catalog to add the products to.

Use the Products menu -> + Add

The window where to enter the product’s information will open.

Add the relevant information in the fields.


– Main details

Enter the codes to identify the item, available quantity, condition, title and other information.

SKU is mandatory.

To add the catalog’s categories (and then select one to associate with the product), use the Manage Categories button to open the Categories window.

Add the categories with the + Add key and type in the name.

Save with Ok.

Then select the category in the product mask.

– Description

Enter the product description.

HTML is supported. To use it, click the  Source Code button.

– Other details

Set values to use as Price, Shipping, and Additional Fees (up to 6 values).

Also enter Custom Fields (if required).

– Images

To add images you will be asked to save the product first.

– Type the url of the images in Image 1, 2, … (up to 9)

– To upload images saved on your PC to our server, and use them as a product image:

> use the Upload Picture button

> select the image saved on the PC

> Open button; the image URL will appear in the relevant field, and the image will be loaded and displayed in a few seconds.


Press  to display a preview of the image.

Click Ok to save the product.

It will be shown immediately in the Pre-Sale window.


To add a variation to a product, go to the Variations tab.

Press Add to add a record.

Enter the variation’s attributes (SKU, price, qty).

To add an attribute, press the key  and specify the variation key / value (for example: size / 48)

Press Ok to save.

Publishing the product on eBay it will be possible to select the attribute (in our case the size).

Link a marketplace to a price catalog

NB: To link the catalog to a marketplace, you must have connected your marketplace account. For more information on how to link a marketplace account, see the guide lines.

Open the Products panel, go to Pre Sales and then Products.

Click on the Choose catalog menu and select the one you want to link to a marketplace.

Then click on the Settings button.

Press Add to add a marketplace/sales channel.


– Marketplace (eBay, Amazon, etc.)

– credentials

– sales channel (country of the marketplace on which to publish the catalog)

The catalog will be added on sale channel you chose.

However, the catalog will not be active until proper settings are defined.