Publication, how to use the Filters


 After adding a catalog, nothing will be uploaded to the marketplace until the Inclusion filters are defined. We suggest you to first set up a filter with a few products as a test.

Go to the Products panel, in the Pre Sales menu.

Open the Choose Catalog menu and select the catalog.

Then click on Settings, then the  button.

Go to the Filters tab to decide what to publish by applying Inclusion or Exclusion filters based on various parameters:
Shop category
Brand name
SKU code
EAN code
Price range
Min / Max Qty
Weight range

The products in the catalog that match the Inclusion Rules will be published. The products in the catalog that match the Exclusion Rules will NOT be published.

To create a new rule, use the Add button.

Choose the categories (select them from the drop-down menu), the range of prices, weight of products, even a particular SKU code or a brand to include/exclude.

– In the example below, for catalog “Test” on eBay, ONLY the Lego-Classic category will be published. The rest of the catalog will NOT be published.

– To filter some brands of products, insert in the same row, under Brands, the names (spaces included) separated by commas; There must be no space between the commas.
Example: canon, infinity light, zyxel

– To filter parts of field value (for example in the Title) use *
Example 12 * will filter all entries starting with 12

– To immediately view how many products will be uploaded, at the bottom right of the Settings window, tick “Simulate Counter Insertions” and click the Confirm button. A window will open showing how many listings will be uploaded to the reference marketplace / credentials. In this case, 82.

– Use  Include Everything in Inclusions to set a filter for the whole price list (and publish all categories).

– Remove all filters to close all offers and suspend publication of the price list.