Product and Catalog Feed Specifications

The feed, or catalog, can be in any format (txt, csv, xml) and the path is indifferent as every integration is personalized by our staff for each customer. A feed similar to the one you use for TrovaPrezzi, Kelkoo, Il Più Basso or il Bracco, will be fine.

How do I know if my website provides a product feed?
If you already submit the products of your website on any price comparison website, then your are set up with a product feed already: just send us your URL for GoogleShopping and Amazon services or specify the URL in the appropriate field during the creation of a store on Facebook with Shopping360.

If, on the other hand, you have never sent products to any price comparison websites, we suggest you to contact the admins or the creators of your website, requesting the implementation of a feed for price comparison websites, referring to the specifications described below.

Which fields do you need in the feed?
The feed we need you to export  (txt, csv or even xml) is the entire catalog of your products with the following information:


/ Product Code
The ID or  unique product codeYes012AF1245
TitleTitle or  product ‘s nameYes (Not on amazon)Niko Digital Camera 456
DescriptionText or HTML descriptionYes (Not on Amazon)A compact camera that makes its gear manageability and etc..
CategoriesProduct’s categories treeYes (Not on Amazon)Photography;Cameras;Compact Cameras
URL Product SheetPublic URL of that product’s sheetYes (Not on Amazon)
URL Product ImagePublic URL of that product’s imageYes (Not on Amazon)
PriceProduct’s priceYes899
AvailabilityProduct’s availability statusNo ( Mandatory if not specified in quantities)Available
QuantityNuber of available productsNo ( Mandatory if not specified in quantities)15
BrandProduct’s BrandOnly on Google ShoppingNikon
EANProduct’s EAN Code (Barcode)Only on Amazon and Google Shopping0123456789123
MPNSupplier’s Product codeOnly on Google Shoppingpix#1245AF
Shipping CostsProduct’s Shipping CostsNo5
  • Fields can be separated by any character as long as it is not used within the fields already. The typically used field separators are | or ;.
  • The lines can be separated by any character as long as it is not used within the fields already, and as long as it is different from the field separator. The row separator typically used is [return].
  • Non-mandatory fields, if specified, can improve the ranking of your products on any price comparison website or on Google Shopping.
  • The availability and quantity fields can be both left blank, just in case your feed exports only the products that are actually available on your website. For Amazon, however, information on products’ stock is required. In the absence of this information our systems will set a products’ default stock value on Amazon.
  • The position of the fields in the track and the extension of the exported file are indifferent as each integration is personalized by our staff for each individual customer, provided that the feed does not undergo substantial changes once processed by our staff


the “Condition” field must contain the following values to publish the condition of the product sold:

new (or blank)

Do you have variations to manage as well?
For Amazon, Eprice, Cdiscount the variants are identified by the EAN code.
To publish on EBAY, each product can have any number of variants that are
encoded in a single “variants” field.
The variant field has the following form:

{"sku": "codice_sku_univoco",
"quantity": quantità_variante,
"ean": "codice_ean",
"price": prezzo_variante,
"mpn": "codice_produttore",
"isbn": "codice_isbn",
"title": "titolo_variante",
"url_image": "immagine_variante",
"attributes": {
"nome1": "valore1",
"nome2": "valore2",
..(altri attributi)..
..(altre varianti)..

in bold the mandatory fields (there must be at least one attribute, such as size, color, material, …); the following is an example:

"sku": "000700_0921S_010_249426",
"quantity": 1,
"ean": "8051774939005",
"attributes": {
"taglia": "46",
"colore": "nero"
"sku": "000700_0921S_010_244815",
"quantity": 2,
"ean": "8051774939012",
"attributes": {
"taglia": "48",
"colore": "rosso"
"sku": "000700_0921S_010_244816",
"quantity": 4,
"ean": "8051774939029",
"attributes": {
"taglia": "50"
"sku": "000700_0921S_010_244817",
"quantity": 2,
"ean": "8051774939036",
"attributes": {
"taglia": "52"
"sku": "000700_0921S_010_244819",
"quantity": 3,
"ean": "8051774939050",
"attributes": {
"taglia": "56"
"sku": "000700_0921S_010_244820",
"quantity": 5,
"ean": "8051774939067",
"attributes": {
"taglia": "58"
"sku": "000700_0921S_010_249427",
"quantity": 5,
"ean": "8051774939074",
"attributes": {
"taglia": "60"

Attributes (eBay)
With Sellrapido Online you can add the eBay item specifications in a field.

This field is called “Attributes”, it is encoded as a JSON string, and is editable from the product sheet.

To add it directly in the catalog, you must code it as the following example

{“attributes”: [{“name”: “Rapporto d’aspetto”, “value”: “250”},{“name”: “Diametro”, “value”: “10”},{“name”: “Larghezza”, “value”: “20”}]}

The names of the attributes must coincide EXACTLY with those desired by the destination eBay site. So the value of the “name” field changes from country to country.

For this reason it is necessary to create different catalogs for different eBay sites.

Compatibility/K-type (eBay)

With Sellrapido Online you can add the eBay product compatibility into a field.

This data can also be modified from the product sheet.

The k-types are a particular case of compatibility, therefore they fall within the encoding of the “compatibility” field.

This field must have the JSON structure

{“compatibility”: [{“name”: “name1”, “value”: “value1”}, {“name”: “name2”, “value”: “value2”}, {“name”: “name3”, “value”: “value3”}, …]}

in the specific case of k-type the name must always be equal to “KType”, so for example

{“compatibility”: [{“name”: ” KType “, “value”: “234145672”}, {“name”: ” KType “, “value”: “56222431”}, {“name”: ” KType “, “value”: “7901243”}]}

in the most general case the name will assume values depending on the eBay category of publication, for example type “year”, “model”, “model”, “year”, etc.