Online Help - Setup your eBay account on Sellrapido

Setup your eBay account on Sellrapido

Setup your eBay account on Sellrapido


To work on Ebay with SellRapido you must register a Professional Seller account and activate an EBAY STORE, otherwise SellRapido will not be able to load and update your listings.

To upgrade your account to PRO Seller login to your Ebay account, then click on the Account Settings menu (or go to: and activate an Ebay Store in the "Registration" section.



We recommend having an Ebay store with no upload limits if your goal is to load and manage thousands of listings, doing so you will not be charged with additional costs.

1. To link your eBay accounts to SellRapido, click on Settings and select "Marketplace Credentials".

2.  Choose "eBay".

3. Click Add credential

4. Enter the username and select the country hosting the eBay site.


Enter the eBay USER ID and not the e-mail address used to register the account!

5. On eBay, where you will be redirected automatically, login to your account by entering your username and password.

6. Once logged in, on the authorization screen, confirm by clicking "I agree".

7. The SellRapido system will verify the information entered and confirm the validity of the credentials. Click on the Ok button to complete the link with your eBay website

Reset eBay credentials (token)

Update the authorizations to use SellRapido: - in the Settings, enter the Marketplace Credentials panel; - select the Ebay credential, and click the Edit Credential button;

- click on Save: the eBay page will open to authorize the use of the program.