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SellRapido automates your pre & postsales tasks and it lets you save time.

What are the challenges that successful eCommerce websites encounter ?

  • Selling on several channels

    Selling ​ your products on Amazon, eBay, Eprice and other marketplaces is a fundamental requirement to increase your sales, but it requires a lot of time, and you might face sync errors for your quantities, prices and more.

  • Sell ​​abroad

    Thanks to foreign marketplaces reach millions of new buyers , but this requires you to manually manage additional channels, in different languages, each with its own specifics and complexities.

  • Sell ​​new products

    There are hundreds of drop-shipping suppliers, and millions of products you can sell without worrying about stock and shipping The challenge? Identify among these the reliable ones , and synchronize thousands of additional listings .

  • Sell ​​... better!

    The eCommerce field is a competitive one, to grow you have to be better than the others in choosing products & pricings, supporting the customers and more. But how can you focus on that if you are totally engaged in carring out routine tasks?

How does Sellrapido help you?

By automating your tasks and providing all the resources you need to sell more!

  • PRE Sales
    High quality and speed to publish: anywhere in a few clicks.

    SellRapido allows you to list products from your eCommerce or drop-shiping catalogs to several marketplaces. From eBay to Amazon and even foreign marketplaces such as Cdiscount and Rakuten. In all your publishing phases you will be able to better control your selling parameters to list products with the best marketing strategy.

  • POST Sales
    Simplify and speed up your order fulfillment process.

    Gestisci da una sola interfaccia tutte le vendite dei marketplace ed ecommerce, ti permetterà di avere sempre con pochi click un quadro chiaro ed immediato degli ordini: dettagli ordine, anagrafiche cliente, info sepdizione, stato pagamenti, etc. Inoltre esporti tutti i dati verso software di fatturazione e dei corrieri.

    Sell ​​in Italy and abroad on all channels with a single system.

    SellRapido manages many marketplace and allows you to connect more than one account for each one, therefore you could handle 5 acoount on Ebay, 3 on Amazon and so on. Connect your eCommerce or entrust its realization to us. , It is optimized for the best performance possible and designed through consultation with experts in the online sales community.

Manage everything from a simple and fast interface online.

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Change the way you work

  • Immediate notifications

    Stay up-to-date on all the messages you have - customer's ones to be answered, marketplace's to be evaluated, system's related to the operation performed - to maintain high response rates and all the metrics in order.

  • Fast data update

    SellRapido cloud was born to be fast: who sells online needs to be able to load and keep updated their products without wasting time and manage sales without slowing down.

  • Listings report

    It summarizes in a simple way the products you're selling, on what marketplace and in which countries. You can browse any problems on publications or interventions necessary to improve your ranking on the marketplace.

  • Sales consulting

    SellRapido offers a dedicated consulting that puts at your disposal experts in the field of online sales.

  • Amazon repricing

    SellRapido offers to the ones who sell on Amazon an automated feature that allows you to implement the repricing, in order to automatically update the prices of your products to always beat your competitors.

  • Print labels

    The post-sales module will allow you to print directly the address labels for shipping. You can print different sizes of labels both on A4 sheets or with Dymo labeler.

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  • 14-day free trial

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  • Synchronize your eCommerce

    Do you already own an eCommerce? We synchronize your catalog allowing you to increase your selling channels and scale your revenue.

  • Dropshipping catalogs

    With SellRapido you can manage and synchronize different catalogs. You do not have suppliers? We can provide you with an optimized catalog of over 300 products from the best suppliers, broken down by commercial category.

  • You do not have an eCommerce?

    With SellRapido you can start your online sales business directly on the marketplaces , with the best price lists in dropshipping, from your suppliers or optimized and supplied directly from us.

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