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Multi-channel sales, order and shipments management from the same cloud platform.

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Do you want to effectively sell worldwide with Amazon?

gestire vendite su Amazon

Amazon is undoubtedly the marketplace: being the go to portal for those who want to buy online or look for goods in general. For this reason, those who want to start an ecommerce business will always be leaning towards this marketplace as a starting point.

Amazon allows you to exploit their wide audience of daily clients visiting the platform, already hungry to purchase goods of any sort.

If you want to start selling online on Amazon, SellRapido consultants are available for a complete analysis of your business situation in order to create the best strategy for you as a seller, balancing costs and profit margins allowing you to easily achieve Amazon’s BuyBox. You decide which products to sell and how (Dropshipping, Amazon FBA or your own warehouse).

The benefits you get by selling on Amazon:

  • Reach millions of people daily with your products.

  • Sell in Italy and worldwide (Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc)

  • Leverage Amazon’s fulfillment (FBA) services for storage and shipping purposes.

Sell on Amazon with SellRapido: easy, fast, without errors.

SellRapido is an extremely powerful and easy to use software. The management for Amazon is designed to automate all your items on any channel in the world.

In fact, thanks to the ' integration with Amazon's API you can upload and synchronize your products, and manage orders from the marketplace.

supported countries For Amazon
France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, USA, Canada, Japan, MEX, United Arab Emirates, Turkish, Netherlands, Australia, Sweden.
Amazon's repricing feature

SellRapido is the only multi-channel management software that allows you to automatically set the selling price based on different parameters (minimum expected gain) . In this way you will be able, whenever possible, to get the BuyBox without manually changing prices or constantly monitor your competitors .

At the same time Sellrapido sets the highest possible margin for you while maintaining the lowest price. Do not waste any more time setting prices, let SellRapido work for you !

Maximize your sales results on Amazon with one single system

  • Full Synchronization.

  • Import in Amazon many dropshipping catalogs DropShipping to sell without a warehouse.

  • Amazon's automatic repricing management.

  • Syncronization of product sheets and stocks between Amazon and your Ecommerce.

  • Creations of customized and catchy listings on Amazon to be top sellers

  • Download and synchronize orders, shipments and conditions with just one click.

Sellrapido helps you optimize the time required to manage listings, prices and order fulfillment on Amazon

Pre Sales features

With Sellrapido you can upload many catalogs on Amazon, both dropshipping and your own (coming from your eCommerce, for instance), while having full control over all processes and customizing the product sheets if necessary.

You can import catalogs in different file extensions, like Excel, CSV, TXT, XML and such. There is no limit to the catalogs and / or products you can upload, we tested SellRapido with clients that manage up to 600 thousand products
Through a simple mask, you can publish products filtering by categories, brands, or by product's price , quantity and more, all of that is possible for any catalogs you upload in Sellrapido.
Con SellRapido, software gestionale per Amazon, è possibile incrementare per fasce di prezzo, categorie, marca, per singolo prodotto, e anche aggiungere le commissioni di Amazon in modo da ottenere un prezzo finale di vendita ideale raggiungere gli obiettivi prefissati. Tutto ciò mediante un pratico sistema di regole che consente diverse configurazioni, così da offrire la libertà di gestire al meglio i prezzi di vendita sul marketplace. Inoltre, Sellrapido consente di gestire facilmente il repricing automatico su Amazon, ovvero la possibilità che il prezzo di vendita si modifichi in modo da posizionarsi al di sotto del “miglior prezzo” su Amazon.
Ciò che è possibile fare con i prezzi è naturalmente possibile farlo anche per i vettori di spedizione e per i metodi di pagamento, per mantenere il totale controllo su fattori di costo che possono incidere su ciascuna vendita effettuata su Amazon. Per esempio volete offrire la spedizione gratuita per una determinata categoria? E’ sufficiente impostare una regola e la piattaforma si occuperà attuarla in automatico; ma è anche possibile ad esempio attribuire un costo di spedizione forfait per prodotti con prezzo superiore a un determinato valore
Il gestionale per Amazon è progettato per poter lavorare in piena autonomia, infatti attraverso una semplice maschera potrete decidere in quali giorni ed orari dovranno essere scaricati i listini e verificata la presenza di aggiornamenti / chiusure / nuovi caricamenti da fare, tutto senza muovere un dito.
Post Sales features

SellRapido provides fast and accurate order fulfillment , eliminating the possibility of error, and limiting any needed human interaction to the bare minimum , therefore your shipping times will be faster.

On one or more selected orders, such as: set "paid" or "shipped" status, export sales reports, print shipping labels
Towards other management softwares allowing fast printing of invoices and warehouse stock alignment, completely eliminating the "copy & paste" phase therefore any possible error.
In real time to incredibly speed up the printing waybills.
Orders data, customer data, order history and pricing details.
For orders and customers, using different filtering systems

SellRapido natively integrates with of most couriers’ management software .

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