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Expand your online sales channels.

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Sell on Kijiji with SellRapido easy, fast, without errors.

Sellrapido is a complete and powerful solution to easily and quickly manage your sales on Kijiji

Moreover, our platform in cloud is designed to automate your listing creation on Kijiji, allowing you to manage the marketplace's orders in just a few clicks.

In fact, thanks to Kijiji's API you can manage your sales directly from SellRapido by synchronizing products, orders and much more.

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Maximize your sales results on Kijiji with one single system

  • Full Synchronization.

  • Import in Kijiji many dropshipping catalogs DropShipping to sell without a warehouse.

  • Synchronization among all the connected systems, to have everything under control

  • Syncronization of product sheets and stocks between Kijiji and your Ecommerce.

  • Creations of customized and catchy listings on Kijiji to be top sellers

  • Download and synchronize orders, shipments and conditions with just one click.

Sellrapido helps you optimize the time required to manage listings, prices and order fulfillment on Kijiji.

Pre Sales features

With Sellrapido you can upload many catalogs on Kijiji, both dropshipping and your own (coming from your eCommerce, for instance), while having full control over all processes and customizing the product sheets if necessary..

Importing Excel, CSV, TXT, XML and similar files to list your products. There are no limit to the catalogs and / or products, we tested SellRapido with clients that manage up to 600 thousand products.
Through a simple mask, you can publish products filtering by categories, brands, or by product's price , quantity and more, all of that is possible for any catalogs you upload in Sellrapido.
With Sellrapido, as a management software for Kijiji, it's possible to make changes according to price ranges , categories, brands , product by product and even add commission fees to always have the perfect selling price and achieve your goals. This is possible thanks to a practical system of rules that allow you to set different configurations, giving you complete control over your marketplace prices. Sellrapido also allows you to easily manage the automatic repricing, ergo your price can always adjust according to the "best price".
Of course the level of personalization available for the prices is also available for the shipping fees and payment methods, so that you can maintain total control over those cost factors that can affect each sale on Kijiji. For example, do you want to offer free shipping for a specific category? You can simply set a rule and it will be the platform that wil set it automatically. Or you can assign a flat shipping fee for products which have a higher price than a given value.
The software is designed to work indipendently on Kijiji, in fact through a simple form you can decide , on which days and times to download your catalogs and check for updates, closing listings or new uploads, all without lifting a finger.
Post Sales features

SellRapido provides fast and accurate order fulfillment , eliminating the possibility of error, and limiting any needed human interaction to the bare minimum , therefore your shipping times will be faster.

On one or more selected orders, such as: set "paid" or "shipped" status, export sales reports, print shipping labels
Towards other management softwares allowing fast printing of invoices and warehouse stock alignment, completely eliminating the "copy & paste" phase therefore any possible error.
In real time to incredibly speed up the printing waybills.
Orders data, customer data, order history and pricing details.
For orders and customers, using different filtering systems

SellRapido natively integrates with of most couriers’ management software .

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