Sellrapido: First Steps

Here are the steps to try the Sellrapido software for free!



Open the page


To register an account follow this guide:

How to Register an Account


Now you can decide which account you want to connect to the program (you can connect one or more, even at later time):

EBay configuration

Amazon configuration

Cdiscount configuration

Yatego configuration

EPrice configuration

Pixplace configuration

IBS configuration

Scaboo eCommerce configuration

Magento eCommerce configuration


At this point the software will download the sales of the accounts you have connected.

Here you will find a presentation of POST SALES, which will allow you to understand the software’s potential in processing and managing orders!

Orders Status


if you also want to try the PRE SALES (sending and updating insertions) you have to tell us what supplier catalogs you want to publish, the software is ready to work with any catalog (if you do not have what you need, contact us!):

How to Add a Supplier List

For any further question, please write to