The CLOUD solution to increase online sales

Sell on Amazon, Ebay and many other Marketplace/eCommerce
Speed up your sales, print labels, waybills, simplify your work
Connect your supplier, management or personal warehouse catalogs
Connect price comparators like Trovaprezzi, Google Shopping and others to your eCommerce

Sellrapido is the web based platform for eCommerce and Marketplace that deals with online sales at 360 °

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Sellrapido Online is the ideal solution to manage all the pre sales phases of your products. Thanks to the new cloud version you can manage your presence on the main marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount, and the most trending e-Commerce platforms. With Sellrapido you can sell your suppliers’ products in Dropshipping, manage the products catalog of your management software (such as Danea Easy Fatt and others), create your own warehouse and sell your own products. In addition, you can link your eCommerce website to sell products on the Marketplaces, simply and quickly.

Manage catalogs on Amazon, eBay and more, directly from Sellrapido.
Keep prices, quantities and all product details synchronized with automatic updates.
Sell products for suppliers in dropship, from your company management or your ecommerce. You can also create a product warehouse.
Sell all over the world! Sellrapido allows to sell both on the Italian market and on foreign markets, including England, Germany, France, Spain, America, Canada, Japan
Manage your e-Commerce directly with Sellrapido online
Use our eCommerce, created and optimized to manage tens of thousands of products
Synchronize Sellrapido to your e-Commerce platform: our web based software is compatible with Magento, Prestashop and Shopify.
Optimize the purchase for your customers, and guarantee high conversion rates.
Simple management of the online store, fully integrated with SellRapido.
Manage a wide range of products without stocking
Leave the shipping process in the suppliers’ hands
Descriptions, images, prices always updated and available just uploaded by the supplier
In addition to choosing from our suppliers list, you can tell us to link any supplier you will find on the internet, without any additional cost
Send your online catalog to the main price comparator websites: Google Shopping, Trovaprezzi,,, IlPiù,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Yatego
Personalized feeds for different price comparators.
Choose which information to put in the Feed: range, prices, categories, title.
Update and synchronize your catalog on the price comparators in real time
Optimize the catalog to appear in the first places of the comparators.
Manage sales
gestione ordini, spedizioni, fatturazione e analisi dati di vendita

Sellrapido optimizes and automates all the post sales phases.
In one platform you manage the sales of all your channels – both Marketplace and eCommerce – and organize order information in just a few clicks. Furthermore you can speed up and simplify the evasion of your sales. Sellrapido is a management software that allows you to set up paid / sent statuses, export all sales data to billing software and shipping couriers. The printing of labels and consignment note is finally fully automated, it’s enough to copy and paste. From the shipments management, to integration with your management system, with Sellrapido cloud your work is easier and saves time to invest in your business as a seller.

Sellrapido downloads all the sales data from the marketplace or ecommerce, the data can then be sent in a simple and fast way to the shipping companies’ software, including:
Bartolini, Gls, Sda, Aws, Fedex, Nexive, PosteItaliane, Tnt, Ups, Sgt, Eboos, Dhl,, with just copy and paste!
Print labels with Dymo and labeled sheets, so you can quickly attach on your package to send the information you want
Fast shipping management, without errors. Time savings are guaranteed, no more than one order at a time, but print the consignment notes for hundreds of orders
Sellrapido is ready to integrate with the most used management systems: Danea Easy Fatt, LibertyCommerce, AdHoc Revolutions by Zucchetti, you can quickly send billings and unloading stock
Complete integration between the systems: no more manual “copy and paste” of orders, data, email
Inventories, product handling, information sheets, prices, invoices and payments: all automatically synchronized with your e-Commerce and Marketplace
Generate and quickly print the fees per day
Sellrapido integrates a dynamic sales reporting system: order statistics and allows you to evaluate your sales quickly, allowing you to optimize your strategy
All sales data will always be available to be exported at any time
Manage your customer records to export contact information and organize e-mail marketing or telemarketing campaigns
Inventories, product handling, information sheets, prices, invoices and payments: all automatically synchronized with your eCommerce and Marketplace.
Complete integration between the systems: no more manual “copy and paste” of orders, data, email etc.

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Sell on eCommerce and Marketplace with Sellrapido

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Make attractive and personalized product sheets directly in Sellrapido
Automatic submission and updating of product sheets
Acquire price lists of many Drop shipping systems to sell in your e-Commerce without the need of a stock
Synchronize with Amazon, eBay and other MarketPlace
Synchronize all the integrated systems, to have everything always under control


gestione prevendita Sellrapido

Realizzare direttamente in Sellrapido schede prodotto accattivanti e personalizzate
Invio e aggiornamento automatico delle schede prodotto
Acquisire listini di moltissimi sistemi di Dropshipping per vendere nel tuo e-Commerce senza aver magazzino
Sincronizzare con Amazon, eBay, PixPlace, Ibs, ePrice, Kirivo, Cdiscount ed altri MarketPlace
Sincronizzare tutti i sistemi integrati, per avere tutto sempre sotto controllo


Orders of each sale channel synchronized in a single solution
Warehouse management , also virtual thanks to the DropShipping system
Possibility to set infinite catalog availability of products that can be managed in a few clicks (Drop shipping)
Availability, goods placement, product sheets, prices, invoices, payments, all synchronized with your online shops and Marketplace
Integration with many management software such as Danea, Easy Fatt, and Zucchetti

Gestione ordini e fatture con Sellrapido


Gestione ordini e fatture con Sellrapido

Ordini di ogni canale di vendita sincronizzati in un’unica soluzione
Gestione magazzino anche virtuale grazie al sistema di DropShipping
Con i listini Drop Shipping disponibilità catalogo infinito di prodotti gestibili in pochi click
Disponibilità, movimento merci, schede prodotti, prezzi, fatture, pagamenti, tutto sincronizzato con i tuoi shop online e Marketplace
Integrazione con moltissimi software gestionali come Danea, Easy Fatt, e Zucchetti

Sellrapido integra i principali corrieri italiani e internazionali

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