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Sell on Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount and all MarketplacesYour e-Commerce on Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount and on the main Marketplaces: emerge from the mass of other shops with customized product data sheets.

  • Manage your presence on Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount and other marketplace in a few minutes.
  • Synchronize your e-commerce with products and inventory.
  • Bring out your products with eye-catching and customized product data sheets.
Sell on Amazon, eBay, Cdiscount and all Marketplaces
Your e-Commerce platform

Your e-Commerce platformNow that you have experienced on the Marketplace, why do not sell online without intermediaries? A great way to increase your sales, directly, with your brand.

  • Among the best e-Commerce platforms available in Italy.
  • Ease of purchase for your customers, this guarantees a high conversion rate.
  • Simple management of the online store, fully integrated with SellRapido.

Thanks to DropShip sell without stock Publish a very large catalog without have to keep a stock and let your suppliers ship the goods for you

  • Manage a wide range of products without stock.
  • Let your suppliers ship the products sold.
  • Descriptions, pictures, up to date prices available when loaded from the supplier.
Thanks to DropShip sell without stock
Shipping and delivery notes

Shipping and delivery notes Save time and avoid typical "human" mistakes: all data management cycle for shipping is already automated.

  • Automatic and integrated communication with portals of the main couriers: recipient data and shipment information, all without typing a letter on the keyboard.
  • Dymo label printing.
  • Fast shipment management, error-free. Time saving is guaranteed.

Connect your management software, easily.A Management software is the core of every business activity. Your orders, products, invoices and more centralized in one place: all is synchronized to make your work easy and fast.

  • SellRapido is already integrated with the most widely used management softwares.
  • Stocks, products handling, data sheets, prices, invoices and payments: all synchronized automatically with your e-Commerce and Marketplaces.
  • Complete integration between systems: goodbye to "copy and paste" of orders, data, email etc.
Connect your management software, easily
Handle the main price Comparators

Handle the main price ComparatorsPublish your products on the main price Comparators and show what you sell only to interested customers

  • Publish your catalog on price comparators choosing the range, prices, categories etc.
  • Update and synchronize your catalog on comparators in real-time or with a click.
  • Optimize your catalog to appear in the first places of comparators.


06 Settembre 2015 alle 16:36
Bravissimi, ottimo servizio, bravi ragazzi!!! Simone TNK
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07 Luglio 2015 alle 17:19
Complimenti davvero....azienda e sofware eccezzionali. Consigliatissimi
Comments about Sellrapido
17 Settembre 2015 alle 19:23
grande sellrapido il 2015 è stata un'ottima annata :-D
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