About us

Sellrapido is the leading eCommerce automation SaaS platform in Italy that allows sellers and wholesalers to scale online sales

  • Salvatore Petrozza


    The CEO and founder of Sellrapido was born in Bologna in 1981. Salvatore has a background as a developer with experience as an online retailer. It was his own personal need that led him to create a tool to help all eCommerce entrepreneurs effectively scale sales.

  • Davide Brioschi


    Davide Brioschi joined the company in 2018. Already a successful online retailer and Sellrapido customer, he quickly saw the platform’s potential. His arrival was key in improving the product based on the retailer's needs and developing the commercial offer.


The company that changed the way we sell online

It filled a gap between marketplaces and retailers.

  • 2017

    Sellrapido did not start in a garage like so many Silicon Valley success stories but under the porticoes of Bologna. As a retailer, Salvatore could see that the multiplying marketplaces and rules made running an online sales business increasingly difficult. This is why Sellrapido was started: to automate operational processes and support retailers at every stage of the sale.

  • 2018

    It wasn’t long before Sellrapido was on everyone’s lips. Alessandro Palmieri, serial digital entrepreneur and co-founder of ShopFully, soon decided to invest in the Bolognese management system, providing significant managerial and digital know-how.

  • 2019

    At the end of 2019, Sellrapido carried out an angel round to accelerate growth. As a result, certain experienced digital entrepreneurs and two early venture funds – 212 Investments and RedBullet – entered the share capital.

  • 2020

    At the end of 2020, Round A took place. The lead investor was Azimut Digitech Fund, a venture capital fund specialising in B2B software start-ups. The company was created through a partnership with GELLIFY and is managed by Azimut Libera Impresa SGR. Following the investment, GELLIFY became an important business partner for Sellrapido’s eCommerce solutions.

  • 2021

    Sellrapido enhanced its service portfolio with the addition of the B2BHUB catalogue. A dropshipping catalogue with over two million products made up of listings of some of the best European suppliers.

  • 2022

    Sellrapido rounded off its offer with Sellrapido eCommerce: the eCommerce site-building service integrated with Sellrapido Manager, able to manage thousands of products without slowdowns.

  • 2023

    At the beginning of the year the company struck up an important partnership with one of the main players in the eCommerce market: Esprinet. This collaboration will allow Sellrapido’s services to be offered to a network of thousands of professionals who use the Esprinet catalogue on their own sales channels. Concurrently, the Esprinet catalogue will be fully automated for Sellrapido customers, enabling fast and competitive order processing.